‘Are You OK?’: Audio Captures Father and Son in Beirut Hospital Minutes After Blast

[crying] “Yuri, are you OK? Eh? Yuri, are you OK? Eh? [crying] [Arabic speech] Are you OK? Eh? OK. “Fine.” “OK? OK?” “Yes.” [crying] “Yuri, don’t worry about the Papi. OK? OK, please, please, hey! [wailing] Please — [Arabic speech] [wailing] Yuri, don’t worry, Papa. Wait a little bit. [wailing] So wait a bit. Don’t move. Don’t move, Yuri. Don’t move, Papi. Don’t move, Papi, OK?” “I’m not going to move —” “Papi don’t move, wait a bit. Don’t move, Yuri. Yuri, don’t move, OK? Wait a bit. Stop.” “Baba!” [Arabic speech] [banging sounds] “OK, Papa.” “Oh my goodness.” “OK, Papa.” “It’s OK, Yuri, it’s OK.” “I —” [Arabic speech] “Wait, wait — [Arabic speech] [banging] [Arabic speech] I’m coming, Papi.”